Tell the USDA to end fraudulent “Product of U.S.A.” labeling to support American farmers and ranchers.
In our fight for a Fair Farm Bill, we are taking on powerful corporate agriculture interests — and we need your help!
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Farmers' hard-earned money is being used against them through out-of-control government programs. Learn how to stop the checkoff corruption.
Farm Action has been recognized by The Hill as an "influential force" in the movement to create more competition in our food and farm system.
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Farm Action leads the fight against monopolistic corporate control over our food and farming system. We are joined in our movement by farmers, ranchers, rural communities, workers, policymakers, advocates, and anyone who eats.

Farm Action in the News

The Feed-Meat Complex

In this must-read piece, we reveal how Big Meat corporations pocket billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded farm subsidies.

The Truth About Industrial Agriculture

Our report exposes the devious ways monopoly corporations maintain control over our food system.
The truth is, industrial agriculture is an economically flawed system that only survives by spending billions of dollars on myth-based marketing campaigns and passing
the true costs of production on to taxpayers, farmers, workers, and everyone who eats.

Big Ag Mythbusters

Published alongside our groundbreaking “Truth About Industrial Agriculture” report, this mythbuster blog series debunks the tall tales that multinational food corporations use to defend their business model and defeat any meaningful reforms.

News to Chew on Blog

Farm Action’s take on breaking news and developing issues.

The Food System: Concentration and Its Impacts

Our special report provides the latest updated data on the state of concentration in the food system, and illustrates what happens when just a few hands control how billions of consumers, farmers, and farmworkers work and eat.

Root of the Issue Blog

Explore what’s under the surface of our food and farm system.