Family Farm Action is a coalition of farmers and workers building the "political muscle" to fight for a bright economic future for our rural communities.
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Our Farmers Bill of Rights is a policy cornerstone guiding our work in the fight for a fair and just food system.
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Tell Congress today to invest in farmers, ranchers, and rural communities — instead of giving corporate monopolies another handout.
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Family Farm Action stands strong against corporate monopoly power that denies opportunity for farmers, workers, and local businesses. We collaborate to build the capacity to take action in our state and federal capitols and at the ballot box. Learn more about legislation and candidates we endorse.
You know our economy only works for a few and that many in our communities have been left out. Family Farm Action is a trusted voice in the fight for an inclusive economy that respects farmers, workers, local businesses, our land, and our communities. We are fighting to eliminate economic injustice and corporate monopoly power.

Build Back Better: Our Call to Action and Roadmap for Rural America

Family Farm Action developed a transition plan for the Biden-Harris Administration to successfully revitalize rural communities and root out racial discrimination.