Family Farm Action is building the political muscle to take on abusive monopoly power in our food and agriculture system.
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Our Famers Bill of Rights is a policy cornerstone guiding our work in the fight for a fair, inclusive, and competitive food and agriculture system.
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The Farm System Reform Act will break the stranglehold monopoly meatpackers have on our agrifood system. Tell your legislators to co-sponsor this bill today!
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Family Farm Action stands strong against corporate monopoly power that denies opportunity for farmers, workers, and rural communities. We take the fight to our capitols and the ballot box by supporting policies that dismantle industrial agriculture and shift power into the hands of individuals all along the food supply chain. Learn more about legislation and candidates we endorse.

Family Farm Action is a trusted advocate and experienced political force fighting for a democratized food and agriculture system in which independent actors hold power, rather than a consolidated few.

Build Back Better: Our Call to Action and Roadmap for Rural America

Family Farm Action developed a transition plan for the Biden-Harris Administration to successfully revitalize rural communities and root out racial discrimination.