Policy Recommendations

Advocacy Toolkit toward a Fair Farm Bill

June 2022

Working on a farm bill campaign in your state? We have created a free, downloadable, unbranded advocacy toolkit packed with resources for a successful campaign! We hope this free toolkit will be used and shared widely by anyone pursuing a fair, inclusive, and competitive food and agriculture system. Feel free to copy, paste, download, edit, and distribute all or portions of these documents.

Policy Recommendations to Balance the U.S. Agricultural Trade Deficit with Higher-Value Food Crops

September 2023

These policy recommendations from our political affiliate Farm Action Fund support a shift in agricultural production toward higher-value food crops like produce, legumes, and whole grains. They were released as a companion to our research revealing the number of acres we’d need to convert to these crops in order to balance the United States’ agricultural trade deficit.

Farm Action's Policy Recommendations for a Fair Farm Bill in 2023

March 2023

These recommendations for the 2023 Farm Bill would begin to transform our food system into one that pays farmers a fair price for delivering nutritious, affordable food.

Shifting U.S. Food and Farm Policy to Deliver Positive Health Outcomes

July 2022

Farm Action’s recommendations for the 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health addressed a key cause of our current public health crisis: the policy foundations of the system that produces our food. 

Farm Action's Fair Farm Bill Policy Handbook

May 2022

The farm bill can seem like a vast and at times bewildering maze of legislation, so we’ve created a straightforward guide of concise, concrete, and actionable policy recommendations within each of our four categories of change for the farm bill. If Congress acted on these recommendations, they could transform our food and farm system and achieve our vision of a fair, inclusive, and competitive food system. For free, downloadable, unbranded resources for a successful campaign, check out our Fair Farm Bill Advocacy Toolkit.

Toolkit for Congress to Tackle the Food Monopoly Crisis

January 2021

Based on findings from “The Food System: Concentration and Its Impacts,” this comprehensive toolkit sets out a course of action for the 117th Congress to tackle the dangerous levels of consolidation in today’s food system with six key points of intervention.

Roadmap for the Biden Administration to Build Back Better

November 2020

Farm Action’s transition plan to the Biden-Harris Administration details recommendations for the administration to successfully revitalize rural communities, and was endorsed by 16 food, farm, and rural organizations. The administration incorporated key components of this guide into its Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy.


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