Farm Action Local Leaders

Join a country-wide network of farmers ranchers workers scholars rural people eaters and take charge in the movement for a fair, inclusive, and competitive food and farm system.

Join a country-wide network of advocates leading the movement for a fair, sustainable, and competitive food and farm system.

A Farm Action Local Leader Can...

  • Share Farm Action materials on social media, by email, and in conversation with members of their communities
  • Display Farm Action materials publicly in their community
  • Sign Farm Action opinion pieces in local and regional media outlets
  • Interact with their state and local elected officials to advocate for Farm Action policy priorities
  • Participate in Farm Action’s virtual or in-person advocacy days in Washington, D.C.
  • Present Farm Action information and campaigns to their communities, with staff support, to help raise awareness

This Community of Advocates Will Enjoy...

  • Special email updates with exclusive engagement opportunities
  • Opportunities to meet high-profile guests at our bi-monthly calls, where we’ll dig deep into Farm Action issue areas in small-group conversations
  • Connections with other leaders across the country who share interests and values
  • An online Facebook community where advocates can exchange ideas and mobilize in our fight against corporate power in agriculture

You Might Be a Local Leader If…

  • You believe that multinational corporate interests are extracting profit from farmers, ranchers, and workers while harming the land, animals, and rural communities
  • You believe that we’re stronger together, and that discrimination against Black farmers, Indigenous communities, and people of color are symptoms of the same extractive mindset
  • You believe we cannot solve one of these issues without considering all of them, and that we can only achieve a more just food system by elevating the work of groups experiencing hardships, generating solutions on the ground, and developing a common narrative that brings diverse stakeholders together
  • You want to connect with other members of the movement who hold the same values
  • You’re committed to achieving a food and agriculture system that works for everyday people rather than a handful of powerful corporations
  • You’re excited to perform the responsibilities of a Local Leader and make meaningful change for farmers, ranchers, rural communities, and people who eat

Join the Community!