About Us

Family Farm Action is a coalition of farmers, workers, local businesses, and organizations building the "political muscle" to take on abusive corporate monopoly power.

We take the fight to our capitols and the ballot box by supporting policies that build a sustainable, inclusive economy in which everyone has the right to share in the prosperity they help build. From fair market advocacy, to racial equity, labor rights, animal welfare, and environmental justice — we advocate for policy and candidates that respect the interconnectedness of our land, natural resources, and neighbors around the world.

We are making a difference. In 2017, polling showed that 65% of people saw corporate monopolies as a big problem, and by 2020 that number had grown to 87%. By connecting and supporting unlikely allies, we spread awareness that abusive corporate power is the common adversary to a resilient and just food system. Our mission keeps the interconnectedness of the land, animals, workers, farmers, ranchers and consumers at the forefront of this fight.

We understand that discrimination against Black farmers, Indigenous communities and people of color are symptoms of the same extractive mindset that degrades the land, abuses animals and traps rural communities in cycles of poverty and social strife. We cannot solve one of these issues without considering all of them. We can build a more just food system by considering each issue, elevating the work of groups experiencing hardships and generating solutions on the ground, and developing a common narrative that brings these diverse stakeholders together.

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Family Farm Action is a political nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization. Headquartered in Missouri, we are an affiliate organization of Family Farm Action Alliance, a tax-deductible charitable 501(c)(3) organization. Together, our two organizations represent a seamless chain of action from research and policy development, to the adoption of the policy through legislative action by elected officials who support our vision. 

Through our collective policy development, advocacy and public awareness campaigns, we continue to beat back corporate interests and push meaningful food and agriculture system reform onto the state and national policy stage.