About Us

Family Farm Action is a coalition of farmers, workers, and local businesses building the "political muscle" to take on abusive corporate monopoly power. We take the fight to our capitols and the ballot box supporting policies to build a sustainable, inclusive economy in which everyone has the right to share in the prosperity they help build and that respects our land, natural resources, and neighbors around the world.

Family Farm Action was formed in 2017 and is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(4) organization. It is headquartered in Missouri and is an affiliate organization of Family Farm Action Alliance, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. Together, we represent a seamless chain of action from research and policy development to the adoption of the policy through legislative action by elected officials who support our vision.

Today, a handful of monopolistic multinational corporations have unprecedented control over our economy, ensuring it only works for them. This corporate power denies family farmers, ranchers, hard-working people, and local and regional businesses – especially those who have been historically marginalized – a fair chance to prosper.

Big agribusinesses and food monopolies extract the wealth from our rural communities, leaving a wasteland of boarded up businesses and empty main streets. They externalize their cost of production onto taxpayers in the form of subsidies, environmental harm, healthcare costs, and unfair labor practices. Their business model threatens our drinking water and abuses the land, animals, and our neighbors. Their monopolistic control of our economy is a threat to our very way of life.

We will not win economic liberty until social and racial injustices are eradicated from our society and our economy.

Deeper rooted in the history of American agriculture is racial injustice and systemic oppression, which stripped Indigenous peoples of their land and enslaved millions of Africans and their descendants. Accumulated inequality and discrimination has resulted in widening weatlh gaps for people of color with their communities entangled in chronic poverty and food insecurity. Systemic discrimination places structural barriers for individuals and communities of color, blocking them from having an equal opportunity to participate in our economy and share in economic prosperity. We will not win economic liberty until social and racial injustices are eradicated from our society and our economy.

We know rural America can be a vibrant hub of economic opportunity for all people. We envision an economy free of discrimination, worker abuse, wage suppression and monopoly corporate power and driven by a resilient local and regional food system.

Family Farm Action has the political know-how to take on unwarranted corporate influence and systemic discrimination. We do not do this alone. We build and participate in broad diverse collaborations unifying individual voices and action to bring about meaningful change.