Press Releases

Food and Farm Groups Support Confirmation of Lina Khan as FTC Commissioner

Today, 33 food and farm groups sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation in support of Lina Kahn’s confirmation as FTC commissioner. The supporting organizations agree that “Khan distinctly realizes addressing concentrated power in agriculture and labor is dire to protect all farmers, ranchers, and workers, especially those who are socially disadvantaged, limited-resource, or smaller-scale.”

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Missouri Cattle Market Investigation Gathers Speed, Family Farm Action Calls on Other States to Follow

Family Farm Action leaders travelled to Missouri’s state capitol to offer support to Republican state representative David Gregory in his call to investigate meatpacker abuses. Rep. Gregory has been making the case that meatpackers in Missouri are coordinating widespread beef price-fixing and collusion. The results of meatpackers’ schemes are rising prices for consumers and low compensation for those selling cattle.

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Family Farm Action Voices Concern Over Vilsack’s Return to USDA

Today, Family Farm Action responded to president elect Biden’s selection of Tom Vilsack for USDA secretary. Family Farm Action questions Vilsack’s ability to lead the USDA into the future, concerned over Vilsack’s overt ties to corporate agribusiness and his track record of catering to corporate interests during his time in this position under the Obama administration.

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