KMEG 14 FOX 44 Siouxland News | Farmers from across the country came together for change at the Family Farm Action Rally

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The rally on Saturday brought farmers from different states, regions and even political parties together for one goal, change.

A representative from the Organization for Competitive Markets, Wisconsin Farmers Union, National Black Farmers Association, American Grass-fed Association and the National Family Farm Coalition all spoke on the changes they want to see.

Farmers are calling on politicians in Washington D.C. and State Houses across the country to pledge reforms guided by the Farmers Bill of Rights. It’s time to revitalize our rural communities by investing in family farmers and small businesses that respect the land, animals, and their neighbors.

“More policy in the us farm bill for conservation measures, we’d like to see supply side management so our farmers get a fair price for their commodity, we’d like disaster relief,” said Institute for Agriculture and Trade, Juliette Majot.

Association of American Indian Farmers President Kara Brewer Boyd wants the government to support local farmers and not big Agriculture companies.

“Some legislation’s is funding food deserts and they’re giving money to create shelf space for fresh produce and food deserts but they’re not giving money to the farmers to grow the produce,” said Association of American Indian Farmers President, Kara Brewer Boyd.

Country music sensation and Farm Aid President Willie Nelson shared his message .

“We raised our voices for new farmers, young farmers and veteran farmers. We’re in this for the long run and we all have to eat and all farmers have a stake in the way farmers are treated,” said Farm Aid President Willie Nelson.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at the rally saying large corporations are leaving less for actual farmers working the land.