Colorado Governor Signs Nation’s First Agricultural Right to Repair Bill into Law

Today Colorado became the first state in the nation to enshrine farmers’ “right to repair,” as Governor Jared Polis signed Consumer Right To Repair Agricultural Equipment into law. This legislation requires manufacturers to provide owners and independent businesses with the necessary software, parts, manuals, and other tools they need to repair agricultural equipment.

In response, Farm Action Local Leader and right to repair advocate Willie Cade issued the following statement:

“I was honored by Governor Polis’s invitation to attend the signing of the Consumer Right To Repair Agricultural Equipment. This bill, spearheaded by Colorado State Representative Brianna Titone, restores farmers’ rights to fix and maintain their own property — without artificial barriers placed by overzealous, opportunistic corporations. These rights have been enjoyed by generations of American farmers, and I am proud to see them restored to the hardworking men and women who feed us. 

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of a coalition of advocates and organizations, including Farm Action, iFixit, National Farmers Union,, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and U.S. PIRG, Colorado’s lawmakers understand that the right to repair is a necessary and fundamental component of a fair and competitive economy.

“For too long, a handful of manufacturers have stifled the spirit of self-sufficiency and innovation in rural America. Across every sector of the American economy, corporations have cornered lucrative repair markets by placing restrictions on who can fix the products they sell — crushing consumer rights along the way. 

“In agriculture, this situation has forced farmers into long equipment transports, resulting in losses of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential yields. It has also harmed rural economies via the collapse of small business mechanics and repair shops, which are not permitted access to the tools they need to fix their neighbors’ equipment.

“Now, on to the rest of the 49 states!”

Farm Action will continue to bring attention to the right to repair, working to educate legislators and agencies like the FTC. 

Media Contact: Dee Laninga,, 202-450-0094