USDA Inches Toward Truthful Labeling

Meat that isn’t from the U.S. shouldn’t get a label saying it is.

While at a previous organization, Farm Action’s co-founders filed a USDA petition calling for reforms to our fraudulent “Product of U.S.A.” labeling system. This petition prompted the USDA to open a public comment period and begin considering the issue in 2018.

In early March of 2022, the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) referenced that petition as it announced it would finally begin the review — but the agency would have to first conduct a public survey of attitudes and values on food labelingFurthermore, before even conducting the survey, FSIS has opened a public comment period on the necessity, accuracy, and execution of that survey

Take action! You can tell the USDA it's past time for more truthful labels.

Here at Farm Action, we’re pleased to see movement on this most critical issue. Still, we acknowledge this multistep process seems cumbersome. To most of us, it’s obvious that consumers are being deceived and that U.S.livestock producers are getting cheated by multinational corporations. 

We encourage everyone to participate in the comment period and the survey, which will send a clear message to the USDA: it’s time to clean up labeling fraud and support our country’s farmers. 

For more information on this issue and what Farm Action is doing about it, head over to our Truth in Labeling campaign page. We’ll also keep our readers updated in our biweekly Farm Action News Roundup — sign up here!