Family Farm Action Alliance Stands with India’s Farmers

Today, Family Farm Action Alliance and 86 other farm, food, and racial justice groups issued a petition to let India’s farmers know that we stand with them in their fight against corporations attempting to increase their stranglehold over India’s food and agricultural system.

Family Farm Action Alliance President Joe Maxwell said, “Family Farm Action Alliance strongly supports the farmers in India as they protest the three new pro-corporate agriculture laws their government has adopted. In an attempt to justify these laws, the government of India holds up the U.S. as an example of how “great” modern agriculture can be. We know the truth: Unless these laws are repealed, all that awaits India’s farmers is further exploitation and economic ruin.”

Family Farm Action Alliance’s mission is to create a food system and economy that respects our land, natural resources and neighbors here and around the world. The fight for laws that respect and protect farmers — the stewards of our land — is international. U.S. food and agricultural trade policy has had profound impacts on India’s food system, when we fight for policy change here, we know that the implications are global. We stand with our neighbors with the knowledge that movement towards a more just food system anywhere creates the momentum to build a more inclusive economy everywhere. 

Media Contact: Angela Huffman,