Brownfield Ag News | Groups See FTC Made In USA Proposed Rule Opening For COOL

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R-CALF USA and other groups see the new Federal Trade Commission proposed rule for product labels using “Made in the USA” as an opening to bring back the intent of Country of Origin Labeling.

Joe Maxwell with the Farm Family Action Alliance filed comments with the FTC, “We believe it’s a great opportunity to bring back Country of Origin labeling on pork and beef as it relates to labels that companies voluntarily put on their products. Let’s make sure that it’s from America!”

R-CALF USA’s Bill Bullard tells Brownfield’s Larry Lee the USDA has long been violating the Tariff Act of 1930 that requires imported beef to retain its foreign country of origin label all the way to the consumer unless the product is greatly transformed,

“The USDA allows foreign meat to enter the United States and if it is unpackaged and repackaged the foreign label can be thrown in the garbage and a Product of USA can be affixed to that product.”

Bullard, who also submitted comments on the FTC rule, says the USDA’s meat labeling policy conflicts with the current mandatory “mCOOL” law for lamb, chicken and other food commodities which holds those products to a made in the USA standard.