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The Problem

Today a handful of multinational monopoly corporations control our food and agriculture system. Their abusive practices jeopardize the economic viability of independent farmers, ranchers, and small businesses, lock farmers into unfair contracts, and suppress workers’ wages.

Using their economic power and political influence, these same bad actors trap farmers on a never ending treadmill of intensifying their industrial agriculture practices to squeeze an additional bushel of grain out of their already exhausted soil only to sell it into an already saturated market. The results are lower prices, a never-ending need for government subsidies, and continued degradation of the environment, leading to greater weather extremes. Farmers have no apparent way out.

What We're Doing

Recent Victories

We have had success! When Congressman Steven King (R-IA) attempted to strip states and local communities of their right to help family farmers and their rural communities, Family Farm Action led the fight to shut him down and defeat his amendment. Congressman Steve King lost his primary and will no longer be a voice for Big Ag.

In early 2019, Family Farm Action and over 20 other farm and food organizations hosted a rally in Storm Lake, Iowa where hundreds of farmers came together to demand a Farmers Bill of Rights. By February 2020, a Congressional Concurrent Resolution was filed in Washington, D.C. supporting our Farmers Bill of Rights.

Our very first endorsement, Rep. Deb Haaland (NM-01), became one of the first two female Native American members of the U.S. Congress. Since her victory, Rep. Haaland has worked tirelessly to support tribal and family agriculture across the country. She has championed legislation like the Climate Stewardship Act and Farmers Bill of Rights that would restructure our agricultural system to break the backs of transnational agribusinesses and invest in our farmers and ranchers.

With your support we are winning.

Our Work Today

We are standing with family farmers who are losing their farms in record numbers or struggling to begin farming in the first place, small businesses who are being driven out of business, and workers who are forced to work in unsafe conditions during a pandemic.

At Family Farm Action we are advancing the policies of our partner organization, Family Farm Action Alliance. We are fighting to ensure farmers have a seat at the table on climate change, and pushing legislation that would drive government subsidies away from monopoly monoculture practices and toward regenerative agriculture practices.

To amplify the voices in rural America, Family Farm Action has implemented a new program, Training Voices. Through this program family farmers and rural advocates are provided training on how to talk to the media so their stories can be told.

The changes we are seeking require bold individuals and ideas. We endorse champions for our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities who are unafraid to stand up against transnational agribusinesses. They must also represent the diversity of our nation and the future of our rural communities. Family Farm Action is proud of who we endorse and through their victories, we have seen change.

What You Can Do

Not sure how you can make a difference, but know the deck is stacked against you? Want to be part of a winning team? Then join Family Farm Action and together we will make our economy work for all Americans.